Wallowa Lake, Oregon: Waterway of the Month

by | Feb 23, 2013 | Port Elco Club

Elco’s waterway this month is Wallowa Lake, in Oregon. Known as “The Crown Jewel of Eastern Oregon”, this small lake contains extremely clean water and is surrounded by the stunning Eagle Cap Mountains. Wallowa Lake is generally calm, making it a great place for electric motorized boating. Why is this our waterway you ask? This lake has no fueling stations and on water self-fueling is not allowed; this encourages electric powered motors and calls for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience out on the water.

Wallowa Lake is about 3.7 miles long and a depth of about 300 feet. Activities on this lake include swimming, waterskiing, fishing, horse back riding, and the tramway ride to the top of Mt. Howard to view the landscape and abundant wilderness. This small lake offers a lot do while holding a friendly atmosphere and should not be overlooked! Try out an eco-friendly Elco motor on Wallowa Lake of Oregon for an relaxing boating experience.

For more information about Wallowa Lake, please visit: http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_27.php