Top Products of the Year

by | May 10, 2015 | Port Elco Club

Elco EP Parallel Hybrid Electric System

In Boating Industry’s annual listing of the top products in the marine community, you’ll find a wide variety of products from boats to accessories, from motors to apps. From hundreds of nominations, they were chosen based on many factors such as their impact on the industry, innovation and how they advanced their category.

The EP Parallel Hybrid Electric System from Elco Motor Yachts offers boaters a propulsion system that combines the comfort and fuel-efficiency of an electric motor with the power and range of a diesel motor. The system consists of a diesel or gas motor that is connected to a propeller shaft through an Elco inboard electric motor and a clutching system, allowing the diesel motor to drive the propeller directly or, with a flip of a switch, for the electric motor to propel the vessel.