Elco Waterways: Skaneatles Lake

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Port Elco Club

Elco’s Waterway this week is Skaneatles Lake, just southwest of Syracuse, New York. One of the 11 “Finger Lakes” in this region, Skaneatles is sometimes called “The Roof Garden” of the lakes due to its high altitude (more than 800 feet above sea level). Why is it our Waterway, you ask? Simple. This lake is incredibly clean. So clean, in fact, that the city of Syracuse uses it unfiltered.

From the Iroquois word for “long lake”, Skaneatles is 16 miles long and only three quarters of a mile wide. Former Secretary of State William H. Seward called it “The most beautiful body of water in the world.” Several towns and villages cozy up to the lake’s shores, and recreation on the lake is encouraged with cruises and canoe rentals, as well as several public boat launches. Try out an eco-friendly Elco motor on Skaneatles Lake, and have a hand in keeping the water clean enough to drink!

For more information on Skaneatles Lake, visit http://www.fingerlakes.com/skaneateles