Elco-Powered Boats Win High Honors in Clayton

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Electric Fishing Network, Port Elco Club

Historic launches, re-powered with electric propulsion by Elco Motor Yachts, continue to win big at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum’s annual show events.

Last year it was Laura, the gorgeous 1895, 25-foot launch built by the Gas & Electric Co. and re-powered by Elco Motor Yachts, that turned heads on the docks and won the award for Best Preserved Historic Launch and the Antique & Classic Boat Society Most Original Boat award at 53rd Antique Boat Show.

Earlier this month, it was Demeter’s turn on the podium. The beautiful 1905 Taylor & Bates launch, re-powered with Elco electric propulsion, won the honor of Best Restored Historic Launch. The Antique & Classic Boat Society’s criteria is an international standard for judging boats against original, as-built standards.

Typically, the Preserved and Original categories are difficult to win with boats that have been re-powered. But between the traditional style of Elco motors and the company’s deep maritime history, in addition to the expert craftsmanship of the folks at Schell Custom Boat Works, the judges couldn’t resist giving Demeter the honor she deserved. Congratulations to everyone involved!